Muslims are as Crazy as Nazis

Internet Radio

Program Link: NYC Quds Day Rally: Hitler-Like Zionists Help ISIS and Killed JFK; Al-Baghdadi Is Israeli; U.S. #1 Terrorist
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…One of the foundational immoralities of the Oslo Peace Process was the decision to negotiate with these enemies of civilization, these modern day Barbary Pirates who terrorize people as a way of life, a career that pays well. All these Fatah honchos when Oslo kicked in built themselves big expensive houses. The very idea of sitting down with these savages who butcher Jewish children in school rooms, who castrate Jewish athletes, who plant bombs under the tomatoes in markets in Friday in Israel, who blow airliners out of the sky, the very idea of negotiating with these monsters was in itself inhuman, insane.

I remember August 1993 when the Left surprised the world with the secret Oslo talks, I called someone close to the inner workings of the government and asked in disbelief, “Tell me, is this a brilliant intelligence operation meant to trick and destroy the PLO, or have they, the Rabin Peres government gone completely crazy?”

He said, “Yes, they have gone completely crazy.”

And I say that Tsipi Livni or any Israeli continues to treat with respect lowlife like Erekat at Arafat’s side at Camp David in 2000 when they insisted the Jews never had any temples on the Temple Mount.

Entering into a deal with a nutcase like this is something only another nutcase, someone who had gone completely crazy, would do…