Madness Here, Normal There

  Sunday - June 17, 2018 1:20 PM EST

Internet Radio

Program Link: Former Jihadi Jason Walter Speaks
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Every day the wild ass Muslim males in Gaza, brutes in their teens and 20s, launch not only fire into Israel but bombs as well. The latest figure is over 6,000 acres of fertile land, food products, nature reserves, have been destroyed by these Muslim savages, who were savage Arabs even before they stole Yiddishkeit, perverted it and called it Islam. Islam is a perverted form of Judaism has been only partially successful in taming the pre-existing condition of Arabness when it arose. Islam succeeded in drawing the sons of Ishmael away from the idolatry they had fallen into after Ishmael was expelled from his father’s tents. He went with his bow and arrow, a killing device, and lived in the desert; and as Rashi illuminates, he became a highwayman an outlaw who preys upon people at their most defenseless when in transit…

Northern Israel