Lying About Our History and Other Perversions

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I do hope my book in its latest format is a success not only because I need the money but because it is an antidote to the lies told about Jews in this generation and no less by Jews themselves, how sad for us; how said for the Jewish liars.

On Friday the International New York Times ran a page one op-ed by such an antiJew Jew, indeed an Israeli, but before getting to him, take note of the recent practice of the once dignified New York Times that believed in separating fact from opinion, news coverage from the editorial page and its regular columnists. As Sean Hannity correctly complains, there is no more journalism in the MSM. It is all opinion and at its worst for resting on feelings and not facts. In its drive to maintain readership, the Times has joined the fashion by featuring opinions on page one and once again the columnist is an Israel-bashing Jew…