LTF and Soros

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, if in the previous segment the topic was the notorious antiJew Jew Thomas L. Friedman, in this one we reference Georgy Schwartz, who as a fourteen year-old boy in Hungary helped the Nazis loot the Jews of his community and after the War went to America and became George Soros, an interesting choice of new last name. In English, it is close to the word “sorrows,” and for sure his antiJew aggression is a cause for many sorrows. It is also so close to the Yiddish word tsuris/troubles. He causes troubles for Jews, that’s true.

It seems that on Monday MK Micki Zohar of the Likud said he was going to introduce a bill called the Soros Law whose purpose is to choke off the money this antiJew Jew funnels to seven NGOs run by soulmates, antiJew Israeli Jews, and two Arab organizations claiming to be “Palestinian” human rights NGOs. Soros, according to NGO Monitor sends them millions of dollars. The new law would somehow stop that.

This guy is a piece of work…