Lapid: What a Dunce

Internet Radio

…What Israelis miss is that our enemies hate us here from the wellsprings of their Hamitic-Ishmaelitic culture and religious beliefs which have nothing to do with any Balestinians or the alleged need to give them a state.

That is why Bibi is right on target demanding that the enemy recognize our right to a state, and why uneducated, narcissistic dummies like Lapid don’t get it.

Our enemies here are mostly Muslims whose relationship to the Jewish people did not begin in 1967, 1947, 1917, 1897. They have been hostile to our Zionist enterprise proclaiming striving for and attaining Jewish independence from Day One.

And over the last century the only thing that has changed is the narrative because the Arabs have successfully, with the help of doltish Israelis, created this Frankenstein monster of a nation whose sole purpose has been to justify Arab resistance to Jewish freedom and justify what they call the armed struggle and civilized people called terrorist atrocities…