Jewishness Can Drive a Person Crazy

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Like the Red Heifer that produced the substance that either purified the impure or polluted the pure, Jewishness, also like atomic energy, has the power to create or destroy, and since it is a spiritual essence, it can destroy the mind and spirit.

Take, for example, the doings this week in Krakow, Poland where a UNESCO agency, the World Heritage Committee, is meeting and chatting and dining and eating in the finest hotels for a week and a half, all expenses paid by UNESCO, funded by the Nations United around no subject more than the risen from the dead State of Israel, where they decided yesterday that like Obama’s and Kerry’s and Powers’s Security Council resolution of last December that denied the right of Jews to sovereignty in Jerusalem, so would this one. The World Heritage Committee also decided that Jerusalem is the heritage of the legendary Balestinians, the people invented to resist the resurrection of Israel as the Jewish commonwealth…