Jerusalem, 1967

Internet Radio

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So on that first day of the war and the second, the Israeli Government said nothing, and the Arab governments did not stop announcing great victories. “The oil refineries in Haifa that been destroyed! Syrian officers are already sitting in the cafes in Tel-Aviv!” – presumably like Wehrmacht offizieren sitting in the cafes in Paris in 1940 ordering the French around.

A miserable 48 hours was that cloud of unknowing.

But then on Wednesday, the Israelis started to raise the curtain on what had happened which left the world stunned. Not only had there been no Holocaust, the IDF had smashed the military establishments of four Arab states.

And not only that. That day, the IDF had driven the Jordanians from Jerusalem and the wall dividing the city was already being taken down by Israeli volunteers…