J. Corbyn Is No Antisemite. Really.

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the delirious celebrations by the Israeli Left in the wake of the horrible handshake on the White House Lawn in 1993, they took to crowing they were no longer Zionists, but post-Zionists. The Zionist movement was over; it had succeeded in creating a state accepted by the Arabs; it finally had a respected “place among the nations.” Zionism was over and they were now post-Zionists.

As their parents and/or grandparents had removed off the yoke of the mitzvot from their shoulders, the lifestyle of the classical Jew, and became post-religious Zionists, so their seed would shed their fathers’ Zionism. They became Israeli post-Zionists no longer interested in living in a state of Jews, not when that connotes a religious lifestyle…