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…So, to return to the beginning, to the front page of today’s International Herald Tribune, with is nothing but the New York Times printed overseas, the center large photograph was of that Arab in Gaza marking the so-called reconciliation, and the leading article in the far right column, column No. 1 in broadsheet newspapers, the headline was “With Accord, Balestinians look to battle occupation.” And the lede sentence by their dejudaized Ethan Bronner was, “The two rival Palestinian movements signed an historic reconciliation accord here on Wednesday, vowing common cause against Israel’s occupation.”

Yeah, same mistake as that other fool an also probable dejudaized Nathan Thrall. Hamas is again misperceived as a “Palestinian” organization when its end-game is not a Balestinian state but a world-encompassing caliphate.

And as for using the term “Israeli occupation”: this is a complete surrender by the New York Times to the bizarre distorted vision of these Balestinians with their Balestinian narrative, their Balestinian version of things. The League of Nations created modern Palestine explicitly as a Jewish homeland. So how could the Jews be in foreign occupation of what the League mandated for them? For Judea, the heart of Palestine, as a Jewish country. Calling our presence here in Judea and Samaria an occupation is to accept wholeheartedly the vision of these subcivilized, antisemitic barbarians.

Bronner in his second paragraph called Mahmoud Abbas “the president of the Palestinian Authority,” which is a double mistake. The Oslo documents called the head of the PA to be created, a chairman not a president, which was understood to underline that this Authority was not the same as statehood.

Secondly, setting his title aside for a moment: his term of office ended in 2007. Since then he has been out of office. He is not the president of the PA which Bronner wrote “runs the West Bank.” Again this is to accept the lexicon of the Jew-killers, though in fairness to Bronner, when even the Jerusalem Post uses that term, it is hard to expect otherwise from him.

He then goes on to note that Hamas, the Islamist group, “rejects Israel’s existence.”

Mr. Bronner, I’ve got news for you: So does Fatah. Look at their text books. Look at the maps they give their children; Israel does not appear. Understand that their insistence on the “right of return” as well is code for the destruction of Israel.

See what I mean? I mean, the invention of the “Palestinians” and their “noble cause” is very much the work not only of these Hamitic brutes but the refined and cultured, progressive forces in Western civilization led by the dejudaized types found in the pages of the New York Times….