Israel’s Messianic Left

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…How ironic that such as Tsipi Livni sneer at the religious settlers for being “messianic,” for celebrating HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook, the great rabbi of Orthodox Zionism and his son who saw in 1967 another step forward toward the messianic redemption of Israel, when there are no greater dream messianic dreamers than these Leftists who refuse to see the reality of our lives, namely, the quality of our enemy, these Arabs, these descendants of Hamitic Ishmael, a violent and predatory people obsessed with Jews as agents of Satan, when they are the agents of satan in their satanic terror strikes.

It has been Israelis like Tsipi Livni and “Bougie” Herzog who invented the Palestinians as a mirror image of themselves, fellow nationalists as attached to their ancient homeland as Jews who have been the victims Zionism, of Jewish nationalism that Israelis must atone for. If Israelis want peace, they must pay for it by returning land they conquered in 1967, and really starting in 1948. Mahmoud Abbas was in Fatah before the Six-Day when the desire for a state in the West Bank was in no one’s heads. Fatah was established in 1959 when the Arabs were still insisting there was no such country called Palestine. Trouble is, in that year Tsipi Livni was a one-year old baby, and only 9 years old in 1967. She has no serious memories of Israel when there were no “Palestinian” terrorists attacking the country but Arab terrorists as they were all, fedayeen, which also happens to be a religious concept. And it’s a fair bet she has never studied the history of the 1920s and 30s here under Haj Amin when the content of all anti-Zionist propaganda was religious, Islamic. Tsipi Livni’s problem and that of others like her in Israel is their misperception of the enemy as “Palestinians” with national rights to their ancient homeland just like the Jews.

No, they are Muslims. Fatah is the name of a chapter in the Koran. Zionism as an escape from religious Jew-hatred has thus far, among the Arabs, been a failure…