Israelis Think About Gaza, II

  Tuesday - June 26, 2018 6:05 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Three representative Israeli minds on how to deal with the open wound of 70 years that bleeds every year. Lieberman, the spiritless, communist-educated nationalist thinks the violence against us is rooted in the standard of living in the Gaza Strip. It is an economic, material problem that can be solved with money. That the fire kite boys are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of all contemporary homicidal Muslim cult terrorist assassins, falls on his dead ears.

And then there is Gilad Edan, Minister of Public Security justifies another military campaign so that “we can create durable deterrence.”

Durable deterrence seems as a phrase suspiciously indistinguishable from a condition of peace. If so, why not say so? For Erdan, the goal is durable deterrence. Like mowing the lawn, every so often Israel has to military maul the people in Gaza, make them cry uncle, which they do after terrible destruction, and remain quiet for a time, only to erupt again sometime in the definite. For 70 years Gaza has been bleeding us and we have to bleed them, and Gilad Erdan is bereft of a solution, only durable deterrence. Lieberman thinks the Arabs can be seduced into peace by raising their standard a living. Erdan doesn’t even think that.

Then there is Prof. Efraim Inbar who thinks it is right that Israel suffers a series of aggressions in order to, so to speak, purchase a license from the goyim to strike back and subdue the enemy. He speaks of winning “international legitimacy” and I say, that is, a euphemism for “from the goyim, the gentiles.” And I ask why?

Northern Israel