Israel Must Speak the Truth

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yet here is Israel basically running scared. There was a big Poli. Sci. analysis in JPost today, a whole page by veteran academic analyst Avigdor Haselkorn who claims that the IDF conducted Operation Protective Edge “constantly looking over its ‘Goldstone’ shoulder…” This time IDF officers even boasted of the stationing of military lawyers at various command levels to advise planners of the legality of impending actions. Combat engagements were likewise videotaped to prepare alibis for a possible “Goldstone II” inquiry… [which led to the] “ensuing degradation in the IDF’s military effectiveness which is precisely what those who hatched the fact-finding committee had hoped for. At the same time – whether by design or default – the Goldstone Report also made Hamas even less deterrable than before and more determined to hid among the civilian population in Gaza.”

Can you imagine? When in the course of human combat have lawyers been attached to combat units to monitor their behavior in light of rules of war in this case penned by the International Red Cross? That is the originating body of the Geneva Conventions.

And I ask when are Israelis going to figure out that the lion’s share of the criticism of our conduct in general and specifically in combat comes out of the cesspool of Jew-hatred?