Imbeciles and Madmen

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Earlier this week the infamous terrorist but famous historian extraordinaire Mahmoud Abbas said Christians and Muslims will never recognize Jewish rule in Jerusalem, a statement demonstrably false. Millions of Christians these days do not protest the resurrection of Israel as an exclusively Jewish enterprise. In ages past, being Christian meant blessing the chronic abuse of the Jews, humiliating them, tormenting them, driving them from their homes, moving into their homes, torturing them to death; rape and mutilation, but in our time there are millions of Christians who don’t think and act that way but are pleased to see the G-d of what they call the Old Testament keep His Promise to return His people exile.

By contrast, a Muslim in his community who applauds Israel marks himself for death. Islam may be the greatest totalitarian systems of mental and spiritual slavery in history…