Humiliation Forever

Internet Radio

…Livni and Lapid and the whole lot of them this week have been whining about the assault on democracy that these court reforms constitute. Lapid, like Livni, has no serious education in his background and likewise misconstrues the role of a supreme court. It is not to play wise men on a mountain top preaching morality to the benighted. Both Lapid and Livni and Galon see the Court as the enemy of the masses with their uncouth hostility to the “victims of Zionism” and racism directed against African who illegally enter our country.

The current legislative proposal is the opposite of what Livni claims. It is an attempt to return power to the representatives of the people which has been stolen by the High Court which plainly has no respect for the people, as seen in the case of the African illegals let out of jail and allowed to return to their destruction of public life among some of Israel’s poorest people…