How the Multi-Cultis Hate Us!

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So today the New York Times, the times of New York, this generation’s Paris, France, Rome etc., criticized the prime minister of Israel’s effort to strengthen Israel’s uniquely Jewish identity against the rising tide of hostility to nationalism in general.

This campaign by the prime minister of Israel is clearly at odds with the current celebration of multiculturalism. Except of course for the exception made a most unique people, the Ancient Ones, the Ancient Palestinians. They are unique in the family of nations, entitled not only to their own nation-state but one perfectly Judenrein, Jew-free. That’s okay.

Indeed, just yesterday in Strasbourg, France, in the parliament of Europe with its 27 nation-state members, a kind of mirror-image campaign was also launched, led by the incoming High Priestess of Europe’s Collective Foreign Policy, former Ministress of Foreign Affairs in Italy, Federica Mogherini who was not even born during the Six-Day War and was four-months old during the Yom Kippur War, this Middle east expert called on the parliamentarians representing Europe’s 450,000 million people to recognize the existence of a non-existent State of former Roman Emperor Hadrian’s Palaestina which shall be Jew-free, because that is what today’s Neo-Philistines want…