Heaven Help the U.S.!

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Take for example the opinion of probably Mr. Ben Rhodes, whose job title is Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communication Whatever That Is for U.S. President Barack Obama. He is believed to be one of several in Obama’s inner circle and the biggest mouth in this latest Jeffrey Goldberg expose of their negative opinion of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin ben Bentzion Netanyahu. It seems to have been Mr. Rhodes, age 36, who spoke the now immortal vulgarism “chicken excreta” to describe his opinion that this veteran of Israel’s top commando team is a coward. In his anti-Jew opinionating, Ben Rhodes, whose father is or was a Jew, said, “The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states.”

I read that as an American, not an Israeli, not a Jew, and was appalled and frightened. Either his man is an idiot or charlatan or insane, for this view of things here has no basis in truth. His statement presumed that what he calls the Balestinians want to reach an accommodation, and in this fantasy, it is Israel – Netanyahu — who does not want an accommodation. Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948 clearly asked for an accommodation by the Arabs to the new state of Israel, which request was answered with a war of annihilation.

Israel has been asking for an accommodation every year, every day since then, but in the mind of Ben Rhodes, no, the prime minister of Israel does not want to grasp the outstretched hands of the Ancient Palestinians. As an American, I fear for my country in the hands of such an ignoramus about the region and the truth of the violence here, which never ends…