Hamas: What Is It?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Hamas was likely the feeling coursing through the body yesterday evening of this Hamitic son of Ishmael who in our holy city deliberately drove his automobile into innocents Jews in transit, gathered at a light rail station. Before he was shot dead by a civilized Israeli policeman, he had managed to murder one Jewish virgin, a three-month old baby girl born to parents who had struggled for years, like Avraham and Sarah, with conception. Three months ago, she was born and loved, and last evening this Hamitic lunatic – Muslims do worship the moon – deliberately, high on hamas, a fever in its brain and loins, drove into the young family and the mother watched as her baby went flying through the air for like ten meters before crashing down on the concrete which broke her body.

This reminds me of the young Israeli mother last intifada likewise in a small, outdoor, old-fashioned shopping center near Tel-Aviv who watched her baby in its carriage suddenly explode. An Arab had exploded himself in their midst and she actually watched as the top of her baby’s head blew off in front of her eyes, surely another image to last a lifetime…