Europe’s Eternal Aggression

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In fact, these eight states are members of something called the West Bank Protection Consortium, and I heartily recommend you all find time to Google this outfit that came into being in 2009, I think. I just briefly scanned its website, slack-jawed at yet another group of non-productive international civil servants, unelected, who can give birth to themselves as yet another body targeting the world’s only tiny Jewish state. In a related item this weekend, we learned that the UN recognized, I presume, has registered and given privileges and even assistance to 6,200 NGOs, that according to UN expert Anne Bayefsky have used their global legitimacy to promote bigotry, antisemitism and at times, terrorism.

You got that? I never asked myself the question how many NGOs are there in the world, in other words, in this context, non-governmental, self-starting associations commonly involved in international affairs, lobbying for one cause or another, and in the end producing nothing of value, mostly hot air, hatred and incitement to homicidal massacres, a/k/a terrorism.

Who are these nameless, unelected European bureaucrats to create sort a consortium with a budget to give us Jews a hard time by supporting our mortal enemies, the Arab Muslims in Judea and Samaria who overwhelmingly supportive of Barak Obama’s soulmates in the Muslim Brotherhood?