Bring on the B-52s (04/07/11)

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…The good news out of the Gaza, out of the violence there today was of the Iron Dome system performing successfully, whatever that means. For sure, since it is a first generation weapon it has to be less than the perfect. But it will improve.

The bad news, though, was the results of a poll taken among the barbarians by Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research which found that roughly a third, 32% of them applaud the massacre at Itamar of the Fogel family. This is a news story Bibi might also insert into a live, world-wide press conference and tell the world that with a percentage like that, peace with these individuals is impossible.

Maybe if 3%/4% felt this way – numbers statisticians call “statistically insignificant” – one could agree that finally these Arabs have come around to living with us in peace.

I remember in 1994 when they first brought the PLO, thinking then, rather when the massacres began: if these massacre artists represent only a statistically insignificant number of Arabians, maybe Shimon Peres is right. He called murders the “victims of peace,” and if they were statistically insignificant, perhaps it was worth it.

But there never has been even one day in the history of the Zionist movement when such a huge number of these Arabs did not support such evil as was done at Itamar.

The other day the great Mordechai Kedar on the Web wrote of how throat-slitting is a kind of almost spectator sport. Rather, it is a religious activity and is basic to the education of all Muslims who as children on holy days get to watch as their father slits the throat of a sheep. They see it every holiday; see how it is done. And that is what was done to the Fogel family: they were sacrificed like sheep to the pagan religious life of these Arab Muslim savages, whose Arabness has never been fully suppressed by their religion. Islam did pull these primitives away from polytheism, the idiotic worship of trees and stones and mountains. Islam imposed monotheism on them and extinguished their idol worship, but it never fully suppressed the Arabs’ blood-thirsty nature.

Think of that Arab demon outside that Ramallah police station a decade ago with a crazy smile on his face as he held aloft his hands drenched in the blood of the two Jewish reservists literally beaten to a bloody pulp, until their faces and heads were so smashed they were no longer anything but bloody pulp. Into that gore this Arab killer joyously dipped his hands and went outside to show them off before the mob.

His soul brothers are the ones today who launched those projectiles, one of which tagged that bus and smashed the head of a possibly very nice Jewish boy.

Bring on the B-52s…