Bibi’s Purpose

  Tuesday - May 1, 2018 2:51 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Prime Minister of Israel was an outstanding commando in the IDF and he has no illusions like those of the Left, that an enemy like Iran can be placated. As Churchill was hated by the appeasers, so in Israel Bibi is hated by the fashionable Left which includes, it may surprise, former heads of security agencies, like the GSS, the Army, and the Mossad. In Israel they all have been of men of the Left and not at all hardline right-wingers.

So prime minister put on another performance in which he exhibited knowledge and understanding of nuclear technology and the individuals leading the enemy. His haters insist that he did not provide any evidence the Iranians have violated what they agreed to in 2015, but that was not the point of the presentation. It was to prove that when the Iranians in 2015 denied they ever had a nuclear bomb project, they were lying. And if they were lying in 2015 but since then have behaved themselves, so what? Like Yaakov working for seven years to win Rachel as his bride, so the Muslim theologians in Iran running the regime are content to wait another 7 years and then they will be able to drop an atomic bomb on the State of Israel, G-d forbid, and another one on the US in an EMP strike. They say the electromagnetic pulse of one small atomic bomb properly exploded high in the atmosphere above the center of the US could cripple all electrical devices country-wide…

Northern Israel