Bibi’s Patience

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This week FOX TV ran an hour-long interview with the prime minister and two things caught my attention. His father was a historian and Bibi reads history — unlike Rabin and Peres two of the most uneducated Jews in history. He said he read a biography of George Washington, surely searching for wisdom and inspiration from a great national leader, and when asked what he had learned from Washington, he said the biggest lesson was Washington’s patience.

For sure George Washington was the Real McCoy too. Today he is an unsmiling marble statue or oil painting but in life was the richest landowner in the country. He was in battle utterly fearless. He was physically incredibly strong. And having read his correspondence, I can say that while Thomas Jefferson has won history’s praise for his writing skill, Washington was no less a splendid thinker and writer…