Bibi’s “New” Words

Internet Radio

September 5, 2010
37:49 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:43 Mins)
…What is so infuriating about Bibi is his refusal to parry the thrusts of these murderers who cannot speak without attacking. Bibi spoke of the suffering on both sides and the need for peace; Abbas cannot speak without going on the offensive.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., a Bibi loyalist, a substitute mouthpiece for Bibi, praised Abbas last week for having condemned the terrorist slaughter four more Jews, when he did nothing of the kind. In condemning the attack at Beit Haggai, Abbas – exactly like Arafat used to and all these terrorist leaders – condemned all attacks on all people by all sides, which by implication attacks Israel for doing the same thing. In his alleged condemnation of last week’s massacre, he actually attacked Israel for committing such crimes.

But above all, and like so many times in the past, Abbas’ words of condemnation were not of the inherent evil of murdering people like that but of its negative impact on the Ancient Palestinian cause.

It is a playing with words akin to Abbas answering Bibi’s public request for mutual recognition between the Palestinian people’s right to a state and the Jewish people’s right to a state: as before, Abbas snorts, “The PLO recognized the State of Israel in the past, at Oslo, and does not have to recognize Israel as a state again” – which is not the same thing.

Word games. These Arabs, so many of them illiterate, are always playing word games.

While Bibi never goes on the offensive when attacked by Abbas, and in not doing so he leaves the impression the charges in the attack are true.

So his silence does Israel great harm…