AntiJews in Denial

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Corbyn, it seems, is a funny duck, who really seems to believe it is possible to be against antisemitism but also for the Jew-killers in Hamas and Hezbollah, both openly bent on the complete destruction of the State of Israel.

So he is suspending left and right all those guilty of what he judges to be antisemitism, which is not the same, he insists, as anti-Zionism.

This is the new strain of Jew-hatred which has been with us, I guess, since we became a people. The hatred is always expressed in angry allegations of Jewish evil deeds and always the accusations are baseless. They are figments of the imaginations of people who hate Jews. I saw a talk back post on line the other day, a real textbook specimen of antiJew thinking in our time. This woman flung the accusation that we Jews in Israel think that because we suffered at the hands of the Nazis we have the right to persecute the Ancient Palestinians.

See what I mean? I have never heard such a statement from any Jew in my lifetime. You remember too some months back in Barcelona where a satirical magazine like Charlie Hebdo bashes Israel and its editor said the same thing. He was angry that Israelis think that because they suffered under the Nazis, they have the right to take it out on the Ancient Ones…