AntiJew Jamboree

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…It was yet another spectacle yesterday in Cairo, this huge kaffeeklatch of bureaucrats and the flunkies who carry their luggage. In the auditorium where they came to speechify and Jew-bash, the wall bore the title Donors Conference in big gold letters. Think of all the meals and room service and whatnot these antiJews will avail themselves of for free. It was yet another gathering of goyim, nations joined by their mutual hatred and hostility to the world’s one, tiny, Jewish state. I mean, no one should think for a moment that these ding-a-lings really care about the people in Gaza. If they did, they would work to take them out of their crowded strip and put them in decent housing in the Arab world, give them citizenship, etc.

Instead they use our self-defense to distract the world from the fact that Muslims all over the place are murdering one another, raping, torturing, chopping heads off…