Antediluvian Savages

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…One report said that the Hamite with knife in hand had brought with him in his breakin into Halamish, which means “flint,” a bottle of water in order to purify himself before slaughter his Jewish victims and turning the floors all over the first floor slippery with innocent Jewish blood.

The screaming inside when the Muslim psychopath started slashing alerted a neighbor, a 22-year-old soldier, who ran with his handgun to the house, spied the demon Arab through a window, calmed himself and with one bullet to the gut shot through the window dropped this wild ass of a man seized with some kind of rabid fit and driven to murder Jews and expecting to be killed in the process.

Only the soldier chose not to do that. He could have finished the Muslim off and a lot of people in Israel are angry he did not.

For sure I think he should have finished him off too, but in self-defense he defended himself admirably. He said he had neutralized him, that’s the favored word in Israel, and that was enough. Unlike with Elor Azaria, there would be no doubt. And he came across as a sensitive young Jewish man for whom killing another human being is the last resort, and in this episode we see the difference between being Jewish and being a Muslim Arab. For the former, killing people is not his preference; for the latter it is act of supreme piety. It is what Allah wants. Homicidal massacres and suicide…