An Ugly, Low-Life Deal

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Audio Excerpt (2:35 Mins)
Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 4th day, yud beKislev, Parashas Vayishlakh, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 3rd day, Tuesday, 16 November, 2010, webcasting from the target of Barack and Hillary’s Excellent Adventure in making peace between Muslim and Jew in the Holy Land, what no man or woman has ever done before.

I’m surprised that so far no pro-Israel congressman or senator has stood up and said, “Hey, wait a minute. President Obama in the middle of this ocean of debt that America is swimming in has just promised 3 billion dollars to Israel? This is the guy who doubled the galactic national debt in two years and now he wants to shoot 3 billion dollars of military hardware to Israel for free?” Questions need to be asked.

That is the price of the 20 more F-35s Obama and Clinton are dangling before Israel’s nose in exchange for betraying its birthright to dictate where Jews live or do not live in the Holy Land; to basically suspend again as was done for ten months the sovereign right to develop and live wherever Jews want to in their own country, as surely as every other nation-state lives.

There is something really smelly about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tempting the government of Israel with these planes and dangling the threat not to use its veto in the Security Council when Israel is menaced by the world community.

There is something disgusting in this threat never before seen in an American administration.

Of course this deal was the top story in Israel today. This morning I heard Benny Begin on the radio waving the flag of principle in his opposition to accepting this deal. This freeze was sold last year as a one-time deal. And Israel’s government has to abide by that, he said. Abide by its promise to its own people.

He also made the correct point that in terms of statecraft, Israel has to reject the American plan for another freeze because if accepted it would show the government of Israel as weak, unreliable and vulnerable to pressure. A government that means what it says and is prepared to defend what it stands for is not an Israel that gives in to this latest request…