A World Gone Mad, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, the war against Jewishness is eternal and we see its battles every day, like the foregoing words on the battle of the mikvaot.

Another is the news that Gadi Eisencott has placed Rabbi Yigal Levinstein in herem. He will be prevented from participating in IDF activities. That is because the spirit of the IDF remains that of the secular founders for whom religion was something one respected as part of the national history but otherwise, the spirit of the IDF was the spirit of the collectivists, men like Moshe Dayan and “Bogie” Yaalon in their communes and collective villages. Socialists who have transcended in their own mines what the revered Karl Marx called the opiate of the masses.

And so with the Jewish religion, a man like Gadi Eisencott identifies with the non-Jewish world that has swallowed whole, like a communion wafer, the fantasy that there is nothing wrong with sodomites and sexually disordered people who of course have no control over their urges…