A Watershed Decision

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Indeed, Palestinian Nationalism is in essence more than antisemitic; it is a frontal attack on Judaism, which began with the appearance of Abraham to whom G-d’s first words were “Go to a land I will show you.” Then, over the next 290 years, his seed grew into a party of 70 people who descended into Egypt; then 210 years later emerged as nation of millions liberated from slavery and bound to occupy the Land first promised to Moses’s great-grandfather’s great-grandfather Abraham.

The Five Books then end with Moses standing on the east bank looking over that Promised Land, but today, every enlightened person knows this land belongs to the Ancient Palestinians, not the Jews. Palestinian Nationalism is beyond anti-Zionism. It is an attack on the central belief of Judaism, the promise of the Promised Land. Today, university students say this land belongs to the Ancient Ones which the criminal Jews stole from them…