A Holocaust Day for Gentiles

  Sunday - April 23, 2017 6:21 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…There are something like a hundred Holocaust memorials in the US, the funds for which were raised by dejudaizing Jews. One of the most insightful observers of the non-observant and what they were doing, the late Rebbitzin Esther Jungreis of blessed memory. It was pressure from American Jewish contributors to politicians who pushed for the Federal government to appropriate that plot of land near the Washington, DC Mall for the Holocaust Museum and contributed their millions to build the Museum there, now a major tourist attraction. Rebbitzen Jungreis was an honored guest in the audience during the inauguration ceremonials who shed a tear or more, not, she said, because she was reminded of the nightmare in which friends and relatives were gassed and incinerated. She wrote of her anguish of looking up at the dais of dignitaries, one Jewish philanthropist after another, whose sons and daughters had married non-Jews. She said those who may have seen her tears may have thought she was grieving over the Holocaust, when, she said, she had shed all those tears years before. This time they were for the evidence before her eyes of the Jewish community in America disappearing at great speed and mistaking Holocaust remembrance for a substitute for authentic Jewish living…

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